So, this blog is about embracing the NEW and integrating it with the TRUE:

So, to be TRUTHFUL I find learning a NEW language to be difficult at my age.

Every time i try to code it causes me anxiety … and then when i complete it i feel so proud!

IMAGINE if i learned this foreign language when i was younger, maybe the anxiety of speaking code wouldn’t exist in me at all…

This VALENTINE’s DAY, show a student you LOVE them by sending them something #codedwithlove.

Visit to learn simple, inspiring projects that YOU and your students can do.

Don’t worry, the site guides you step-by-step towards a finished project and then teaches you the new language skills you have learned through that project!

So, go ahead, show someone you love them by sending a little CODE their way!


At UpCycleEdu, we have always delighted in and pursued technology as a means of amplifying and transforming students’ VOICES!

TECHNOLOGY can give ALL children the chance to be heard.

Check out how the Yuudee app is helping Autistic children better communicate their wants and needs in school and at home.

(Read the article here.)

Want to add instant “WAIT?! IS THAT…?!” to a presentation??

Introducing office-themed stock photos featuring VINCE VAUGHN and the cast of his new movie.

Now, we are not endorsing Vince and his new movie (haven’t seen it yet), but in true UpCycleEdu fashion … it inspired us with a classroom idea —

Have YOUR students recreate/create their own stock photos featuring themselves or fave pop icons.

Create a class collection that can be used by any of your students to make their next presentation a little more “personal.”

HAVE FUN! And share any stock photos you do make!

In a recent post we told you HOW TO Haiku Deck. Now, SEE how young children choose to HaikuDeck.

Here, a 6-year old uses Haiku Deck to PROVE that is … raining. She tries IMAGE only, TEXT only, and a COMBINATION to communicate her ideas!

(alternatively, check out our previous blog to see PROVE it completed by a 4-year old using ShadowPuppetEdu . Compare the two and decide which tool is RIGHT for YOUR students!)

Here, a 3-year old uses Haiku Deck to tell his 6-pic Autobiography (the tech-enhanced version of a 6-word memoir)

Share with us how YOUR students use HaikuDeck!